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Thank you for finding your way to us! ! Here you can find out all about the various possibilities of working with us. As the first port of call for photography and travel experiences, we reach every conceivable target group. Whether you are looking for advertising opportunities, partnerships or other cooperation possibilities - we offer customized solutions to achieve your goals. Dive in and discover how we can work together to advance your brand or your company.




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What is Fotogoals?

Find the best photo spots

Fotogoals searches the world for the best photo spots and brings these categorized for different target groups to an online platform and in the Fotogoals app. In doing so, we not only the well-known sightseeing photo spots, but also show undiscovered spots. From the typical street flair to the cool Wall for the next fashion shoot - We have the perfect location! We are the location scout for different target groups and special places.

The first port of call for the perfect photo spot.

On various digital channels, we constantly see great places where fantastic photos have been taken. However, we often don’t know where these places are or exactly where the photo in question was taken. Fotogoals solves this and other problems and is therefore the first port of call for various target groups.

Searching is a thing of the past. Find is our keyword!

Our target groups



...find cool photo spots with which they can score points with their community!

Content Creator

Location scouting

...find great shooting locations. Whether photographer or creative agency!

Travel lover

Travel planning

...plan, discover and experience their travels with the help of Fotogoals' spots!


Leisure activities

...find cool places to with friends or to plan the next date. impress!

up to 1.2 million followers

Our target groups are like good wine.

Community building is crucial for us. We therefore not only interact a lot with our users, but also want to get to know them and their passion for discovering photo spots. Creating trust is therefore our top priority. We therefore also manually check our target group so that we can currently welcome everyone from local photo enthusiasts to top influencers with 1.2 million followers to our community.

For us, quality always comes before quantity.

What are you waiting for?

The world of places in your pocket

Our Fotogoals identity

At Fotogoals, we embody an identity that differs from conventional approaches. Our aim is to enable our customers to achieve maximum success through innovative approaches. We strive to stand out from the crowd and break new ground. Flexibility is our most important principle, which we live and love. Our commitment is always to achieve the maximum for our customers. At Fotogoals, we focus on innovation and flexibility in order to offer our customers the best possible solutions.


In tune with the times! We reach a young, dynamic and high-quality target group that is actively interested in our content and interacts with us in large numbers.

Local is global

You buy your fruit locally, so why do you only advertise with global players? Invest locally, profit locally, act globally!


Being flexible is a must-have in today's fast-paced world. For these reasons, we offer an optimal solution for almost every marketing objective.


Innovations are the drivers of tomorrow, which is why we are redesigning many existing processes. We want to pass this innovative thinking on to our community and customers.

Fotogoals App

Ads can be placed in a total of four different areas within the app. The focus is primarily on displaying ads at the point of interest. With the help of a sophisticated algorithm, customers can display their ads depending on the photo spot locations. Location-independent playout and the use of multiple targeting options offer our customers further versatile options for pursuing different marketing objectives.

From prominently placed advertisements on our home page to flexible advertising options in the locations of your choice - we offer customized solutions for your advertising needs. Our flexibility enables us to implement various advertising formats according to your wishes. Contact us today to optimize your advertising strategy on Fotogoals and reach your target groups effectively.


Advertising activities can be undertaken on a total of twenty active Fotogoals Instagram channels. Six of the seven channels are related to a city in which we have already developed photo spots. This enables customers not only to address our community with national offers, but also to advertise local activities in a targeted manner.

Find out more about the channels on:

Our mission. Your goals

Our mission is not only to reach a unique target group, but also to develop innovative advertising opportunities for your success. Rethinking the old is in our DNA and drives us to give more every day - for our and your success and the satisfaction of the entire Fotogoals community.

Lukas Zobel, Fotogoals founder