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What is Fotogoals?

Find the best photo spots

Fotogoals searches the world for the best photo spots and brings these categorized for different target groups to an online platform and in the Fotogoals app. In doing so, we not only the well-known sightseeing photo spots, but also show you undiscovered spots. From the typical street flair to the cool Wall for the next fashion shoot - We have the perfect location for you! We are your location scout for special places.

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With our Fotogoals app for iOS and Android, you can now find the best photo spots even more easily. This means you can now concentrate fully on your next "photo goal", as you will find all the important information about each individual photo spot in our app. From searching for photo spots within a certain radius to filtering the spots as you would in a classic online store - the Fotogoals app offers many useful functions and, above all, creative ideas. This not only saves you valuable time in your search for the perfect spot, but also allows you to become a real trendsetter!

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We don't just show you well-known sightseeing photo spots!

You'll find the perfect location with us - from typical street flair to a cool wall for your next fashion shoot.

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Frequently asked questions

General questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked general questions.

A photo spot is basically a place that offers a special visual attraction and is ideal for photography. It could be a breathtaking landscape, impressive architecture, an artistic mural or even a hidden gem that few have discovered. But the definition of a photo spot is always subjective and is in the eye of the beholder.

The world is full of uniqueness, and everyone sees photo spots with their own personal perspective. What is a photo spot for one person may seem inconspicuous to another. At Fotogoals, we understand this diversity and strive to offer a wide range of spots suitable for travel lovers, culture explorers, photographers and influencers alike.

We sit down in the scene and think about how different locations can be used. Whether for photo shoots, commercial shoots or simply as an impressive backdrop for your pictures - we cover the many possibilities that our photo spots offer. Of course, we're not forgetting the classic photo spots that everyone should have seen, such as famous sights and highlights.

Fotogoals is not just another source of travel inspiration, but an extensive collection of the best photo spots worldwide. We go far beyond what traditional travel guides or online maps offer. Here are some key differences:

  1. Curation by experts: Our photo spots are not simply generated automatically. Each spot is personally researched, visited and evaluated by our team. We attach great importance to quality and guarantee that we were on site for 95% of all spots.
  2. Variety of spots: We don't just look for the classic tourist attractions, but also hidden gems, hip murals, impressive architecture and much more. Whether you're looking for an iconic landmark or a unique background for your photos, you'll find it at Fotogoals.
  3. Comprehensive information: In addition to the usual details such as opening times and accessibility, we also provide background information on each spot. We share sun positions (app) for photographers, restrictions or special features on site to ensure your photo tour runs smoothly.
  4. Timeliness and reliability: Unlike blogs or unreliable online sources, our information is regularly updated and verified. We endeavor to ensure that the data on our platform and in our app is correct and up-to-date.
  5. Focus on photography: Fotogoals is specially tailored to the needs of photographers and all photography enthusiasts.

Fotogoals not only provides information about where interesting places are located, but also examples of what photos can be taken there.

Overall, Fotogoals offers a unique combination of thousands of spots, comprehensive information and a focus on photography that sets it apart from conventional travel sources such as blogs, travel guides or Google Maps. Discover the world of photography with us and find the perfect spots for your next shoot!

Basically, every district in Würzburg is suitable for a visit, as they all have their own charm and advantages. However, districts near the city center could be particularly attractive for a city trip and the choice of accommodation. The old town is of course an ideal starting point, as it offers the most sights and tourist attractions. The districts of Sanderau, Grombühl and Zellerau are also good options, as they are in close proximity to the old town and offer a wide range of accommodation and good public transport connections. So if you want to experience the beating heart of Würzburg, these districts could be the best choice for your city break.

Photo spots

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the photo spots.

At Fotogoals we offer a diverse selection of photo spots for every taste and preference. From classic sightseeing highlights to hip murals and impressive architecture to spots where the local community meets to socialize - you'll find it all here.

We understand that photography is more than just taking pictures of sights. That's why we also present inspiring spots in nature with breathtaking landscapes and picturesque beaches.

To make the search for the perfect photo spot as easy as possible for our users, Fotogoals is structured like an online store. In addition to filter functions, we have created five different categories of photo spots into which all our spots can be categorized. Whether you are looking for an urban adventure, a cultural experience or a natural oasis - at Fotogoals you are sure to find the ideal spot for your photo shoots and exploration tours.

At Fotogoals we strive to provide you with all the relevant information about each photo spot so that you can plan your photo tour optimally. We go beyond just the address and offer a wealth of details to enhance your experience at the spot.

For each photo spot, we carefully research the correct name and endeavor to provide background information to help you understand the significance and history of the location. We also list the special features of the spot and any restrictions you should be aware of, as well as the opening hours so that you can plan your visits accordingly.

For your convenience, we also provide information on the nearest public transportation so that you can easily get to the spot. For photographers, we also provide relevant details such as the position of the sun (e.g. golden hour, blue hour) and weather forecasts so that you can use the best light and conditions for your shots.

Please note: Some of the information, especially specific details such as sun positions and weather forecasts, is only available in the Fotogoals app and not on the website. Download our app to get full access to all functions and information.

Yes, at Fotogoals we attach great importance to ensuring that all our photo spots are verified and meet the highest quality standards. In fact, 95% of our spots have been personally visited and checked by our team before being added to our system. This high level of verification ensures that our users can only discover the best and most authentic photo spots.

The spots submitted by our users also go through a review process to ensure that they are accurate and of high quality before they are added to our database. For us, quality is always more important than quantity.

In addition, we endeavor to ensure that all information on our portal is always up to date. However, if you find any errors or outdated information, please contact us immediately. Your feedback is important to us and we are always striving to improve our platform and keep it up to date.

Fotogoals App &

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our online offer.

The Fotogoals app offers a few more functions than our web version. In addition to the option of saving individual spots in your own photo spot lists, you will also receive information such as sunrise or golden hour at the respective spot.

Our Fotogoals app is available for the iOS and Android operating systems. So you can use the app with your iPhone or Android phone to find the best photo spots.

Yes! The Fotogoals app is 100% free. This should largely remain the case in the future.

However, we are planning to implement some special premium functions in the app in the further development phase. These are also very cost-intensive for us to use, which is why we will charge a fair monthly fee for them. The standard functions will continue to be available free of charge.