Our vision

Discover the world's most fascinating photo spots with Fotogoals. We are passionate about finding the perfect locations, and our vision is to bring the world of breathtaking places into your pocket - so that you always have the ideal spot at hand.

Our vision

The world of places in your pocket

In today's digital world, we constantly see photos of amazing and breathtaking places. Vast landscapes, impressive architecture or historic buildings amaze, inspire or enchant us. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find out exactly where these places are and from which exact spot the photo was taken!

For these reasons, we at Fotogoals have made it our mission not only to find the best photo spots, but also to make them centrally accessible for you in one place, simply, quickly and clearly with all the relevant information.

What are you waiting for?

The world of places in your pocket

Understanding the vision

Not always easy, is it?

Know where

Gone are the days of searching forever for that one spot that you've seen in pictures many times before. Because we make it easy for you. No, we'll even make it easy pesy lemon squeezy for you! To find this one spot within a few meters, we give you an exact location. This means you don't have to spend a long time agonizing over the question "Where exactly was this photo taken?" and can use your time more wisely, for example by taking even more photos! 😉

Discover the place that suits you!

Discover and love places

Are you looking for a new, as yet unknown spot for your next Instagram picture? Unfortunately, it's not always easy, but with the Fotogoals app and fotogoals.com, it's child's play! First select a location of your choice, then you have the option of selecting a photo spot category using filters to find the right spot for you. In addition to spot photos, you can be inspired by sample images from the community. You like a spot? et voilà: there you have it, the perfect place!

You, not the camera is decisive.

Perfect Shots

Cool city, cool photo location, but still no idea how to take a cool snapshot? Then we have a word for you


We will not only show you the coolest photos taken at the respective locations, but will also give you tips and tricks for the "PERFECT SHOT" in the future 🙂