Photo spot information

Here we give you some basic information about the photo spots we have published.
We ask you to always bear these aspects in mind when visiting the spots!

General information

We at Fotogoals try to publish all photo spots to the best of our knowledge and belief. We not only want to provide you with all the important information, but also pay attention to privacy at the spots. In addition to interim changes to previously published spots, we can of course also make mistakes during the creation/publication process.

We therefore assume no liability for the use of our offer and the visit of the spots, as well as your actions at the spots!

We therefore ask you to use common sense at every spot and not to disregard the rights of other people and their property.

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Rules at the spots

Freedom of panorama

In principle, all works and therefore also buildings, sculptures etc. are protected by copyright. This would mean that taking and publishing photos would not be legal. However, as this would make the use of "public space" difficult, especially for taking photographs, there is a so-called freedom of panorama in Germany. This stipulates that photographs are legally acceptable as long as they were taken from public roads and the subject of the photograph is permanently located in this place. To be more precise:

Freedom of panorama (Section 59 UrhG) allows anyone to reproduce, distribute or publicly reproduce works that are permanently located on public paths, streets or squares by means of painting, photography or film. In the case of buildings, this permission extends exclusively to the external view!

ATTENTION: The rules vary from country to country!

Private properties

In principle, all spots presented by us are open to the public (we do not climb over any fences or similar). Despite this, we mark some spots as private property. These are spots that are generally accessible to the public but are still located on private property or at least touch on it. We may also mark spots as private if the main subject of the spot is located on private property (e.g. a beautiful fountain in a private garden)

You should always respect the privacy of others!

If you are unsure or someone approaches you, you can ask for permission. Ideally, you should obtain the necessary authorization beforehand.

ATTENTION: The rules vary from country to country!